Groundwater Salinity

Groundwater naturally contains salts and minerals.  This water varies in quantity and quality in different areas.  

These levels are measured as TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). Some example of salt levels per litre for your information:

  • Rainwater: Under 10 TDS
  • Murray River, in places: 600 TDS
  • Sea Water: 35,000 TDS

The majority of the bores on the Mornington Peninsula produce groundwater with 200 to 1200 TDS per litre.

Plants have varying tolerance to salinity in groundwater e.g. Delicate plants such as roses will not tolerate a high TDS level (over 700 TDS). Lawns and native plants are more tolerant.


For your information, the table below lists a general guide of TDS levels per litre of Groundwater and uses.


TDS levels per litre of Groundwater

Bore Construction Licences

A Bore Construction Licence is valid for 12 months and must be obtained for any water bore of a depth greater than three metres.  To download a Bore Construction Licence, fee schedule and fact sheet click here. For any further information please visit Southern Rural Water's website.

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