Borewell Water Boring and Drilling - Bore Construction Licence Information

Can I put my own bore in?

No, it is illegal to put a bore in without using a licenced driller in Victoria. Bore drilling is a highly skilled profession, requiring specifically built machinery for the process. You must engage a Licenced Driller; there are three categories of Drilling Licenses described below:

  • Class 1 Licence:  Only allows the driller to drill shallow bores, usually to around 10 metres or slightly deeper and single aquifer (water bearing strata).
  • Class 2 Licence:  This classification of licence allows the driller to drill multiple aquifers to medium depths and can usually accommodate most basic bore hole construction requirements.
  • Class 3 Licence:  Is the highest classification of licence attainment and reflects that the driller is highly skilled and able to drill to deep depths and through multiple aquifers. The driller is able to identify various geological sequences and identify substandard layers of water and isolate them with various techniques.  A Class 3 Licence holder is able to deal with Artesian water and control the great pressures encountered.


How do I choose the right driller?

Research and references are a good place to start.  Choosing the right driller to perform the works is one of the most important decisions in the whole process.  Installing a bore is not usually carried out to sort out a water shortage issue for one year, it shall be utilized for many years to come.  Careful planning and selection of the right driller is paramount in the process.  At times, highly skilled, reputable bore drillers have a back log of work and cannot be a prompt as they would like to be, this should not be the reason to go and employ a second rate driller.


Can I get a bore?

Yes, it is the land holder's Constitutional right to access bore water for Stock and Domestic purposes. Stock and Domestic bores are not metered for water use.

For a commercial water bore, it is best to contact the governing authority e.g. Southern Rural Water for detailed information about groundwater licence allocations for commercial use.

** FOR MORE HELPFUL INFORMATION, head over to the Southern Rural Water Groundwater Hub:


Bore Licences:

Before a bore can be drilled, you will need a Works Licence.  These are obtained from Southern Rural Water (for bores in Southern Victoria) and valid for 12 months.


Bore Construction Licences applications can now be submitted online and approved almost instantly. Online licence applications cost $235.00 (credit card payments only).

To apply online, please click on the link:

(Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for specific drilling information that will be required to complete the online applicatio


Landata - Title and Property Certificates


Paper Bore Construction Licence applications require a copy of the property title to be sent with the application (N.B. Online applications do not require this).  If you don't already have a copy of your property title, you can obtain one at Landata: Your title will be emailed to you within a few minutes.  Just print it out and attach it to your Licence Application form.

(Please note small fee of approximately $17.00 for this document - price current as of 2015).


Bore Construction Licences

A Bore Construction Licence is valid for 12 months and must be obtained for any water bore of a depth greater than three metres.  For more information click here. For any further information please visit Southern Rural Water's website.

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