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Reduce your water bills and drought proof your property with a bore!

During periods of low rain fall, water tanks may not meet your water requirements.  These days, mains water is becoming an expensive way of irrigating your garden and buying loads of water is even more pricey, so other options may appeal to you.

Water your garden with groundwater from your own bore, so the garden and lawn can look great.... all year round.


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At present, there are no restrictions for using bore water from a Stock and Domestic bore for your garden, household use or watering stock.

N.B. Stock and Domestic bores are not metered.


SWIMMING POOLS...Bore water may be used to fill swimming pools, but please note that this water is untreated ground water. It is very dependent on the quality of your bore water as to whether its suitable to use in a pool..  Natural minerals and salts are present in ground water and may stain areas in contact with it.  You will need to use more chemicals if using bore water in your pool .  It is highly advisable to get a comprehensive water analysis once your bore is drilled.

Bore Construction Licences

A Bore Construction Licence is valid for 12 months and must be obtained for any water bore of a depth greater than three metres.  For more information click here. For any further information please visit Southern Rural Water's website.

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