Borewell - 40 Plus Years of Drilling Experience

The name Grande has been associated with the water well / drilling industry in Australia for over 40 years. Romano Grande is a second-generation driller and began his water boring/drilling career at a very young age. During weekends and school vacations he led the gypsy lifestyle (as many drillers do) following his father around the country with the caravan and rig.

Romano began drilling fulltime at the age of 15 with the family business, which consisted of drilling/water boring and the installation of pumps and irrigation systems while completing his studies by night school and correspondence.

Over the next few years Romano oscillated between the family business, various contractors and government firms throughout Australia vastly expanding his knowledge of the diverse methods of drilling and the mechanical and technical facets of the drilling industry.  From those humble beginnings Romano went on to take over the family business and extensively updated equipment and business operation techniques and developed a solid reputation in the water boring/drilling field.  Romano holds a Class 3 Drillers Licence, which is the highest class of licence attainable.

In 1996 Grande Drilling PTY LTD amalgamated with M J Gleeson and son and formed the present company Borewell PTY LTD creating one of the most diverse family run water well construction/drilling companies in South Eastern Australia.

Bore Construction Licences

A Bore Construction Licence is valid for 12 months and must be obtained for any water bore of a depth greater than three metres.  For more information click here. For any further information please visit Southern Rural Water's website.

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